Chinese Food In Britain

The British are known for their love of traditional dishes; from roast dinners to fish and chips, the UK has hundreds of years’ worth of history when it comes to its food. These foods have become a cornerstone of British culture and identity – which is why it often comes as a surprise that authentic Chinese food is not something you will find in most British restaurants. Instead, you’ll find chicken tikka masala, shepherd’s pie, and other dishes that have little to nothing to do with China or Chinese culture. Thankfully, this hasn’t stopped the UK from giving its diners something they really want: excellent Chinese food that isn’t found on every corner like so many other fast-food chains.

What to Look for When Dining at an Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Any real authentic Chinese restaurant will be a high-quality, high-end establishment, which is why you should be sure to look for a few things before deciding where to eat. First and foremost, make sure that the restaurant has good, cleanliness standards. While it’s true that China is highly ranked when it comes to cleanliness, not all Chinese restaurants in the UK are going to be the same – and, unfortunately, some of them won’t be as clean as we’d like. You should also make sure that the restaurant is serving authentic Chinese dishes. While many UK Chinese restaurants serve classic Chinese dishes, real authentic Chinese food is something that you’ll have to look for.

The best authentic Chinese food in the UK

While it may be slightly unfair to say that one type of Chinese cuisine is more authentic than the others, it’s safe to say that Cantonese food is what you’re most likely to find authentic Chinese food at a British restaurant. Cantonese food is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of Chinese cuisine in existence, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for something authentic. Cantonese food is a blend of flavours that is often described as light and delicate, with a focus on fresh vegetables, light meats, and lighter sauces that are more tomato- and vinegar-based. These dishes also tend to be quite easy to digest, and are the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to spicy foods.

Hunan and Szechuan cuisine

While it may not be as common in British cities, Hunan cuisine is a type of Chinese food that is often referred to as “Chinese spicy” thanks to its heavy use of chili peppers in most dishes. Hunan cuisine is famous for its fiery flavour, as well as its use of fermented and pickled vegetables, dried fish, and peanuts – giving each dish a distinct flavour that is unlike any other Chinese cuisine. Hunan cuisine is best known for its “mixed vegetables” that combine different types of leafy greens, red pepper, and chunks of mushrooms – making it a truly authentic dish. Hunan cuisine is perhaps one of the most difficult Chinese dishes to make, thanks to the countless amounts of ingredients that must be in each dish – almost like a secret recipe that you would only find in an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Dim Sum

While not all authentic Chinese dishes are based around meat, a lot of them do contain meat as a regular part of their recipe – which is why you’ll find that dim sum is one of the best authentic Chinese dishes to try when dining in a Chinese restaurant. Dum sum is a type of Chinese food that is renowned for its steamed buns and rich flavours, usually served with a dipping sauce or as a part of a larger menu. Dum sum often comes as a part of a Chinese brunch, with diners being able to try dozens of different flavours, from pork and prawn to chicken and vegetables. Dum sum is best when it’s fresh, which is why you’ll often find it at its best in Chinese restaurants that make it on-site.


Depending on where you are in the UK, you may find that certain cuisines are more common than others. For example, if you’re in Northern England, you’ll most likely find plenty of authentic Chinese food from the Northern regions of China – like Sichuan and Hunan. If you’re in the South, you’ll find that Cantonese food is more common, while in Scotland you’re likely to find Northern Chinese food. If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food, you’ll get the most out of dining in a Cantonese restaurant thanks to the lighter and more delicate flavours that are common in Cantonese cuisine. Cantonese food is famous for using light meats, like fish and chicken, while using plenty of vegetables and light sauces.


Although there are many desserts that are popular in other Chinese cuisines, there is one that is an authentic Chinese dessert: the Chinese sticky rice pudding. This dessert is served warm and is often topped with Chinese dates, but can also be served with other types of fruit, including orange and apples. The Chinese sticky rice pudding is a type of sweet that is made from caramelized rice and sticky rice and is often served with Chinese dates, making it the perfect finish to a Chinese meal that has been based around authentic Chinese food.

What is Real Chinese Food?

While there are major differences between Chinese and British cuisines, there are also some similarities. When it comes to food, British and Chinese culture share certain dishes and ingredients – like the use of fish in many dishes, as well as the use of certain vegetables and herbs. You’ll also find that many Chinese dishes are incredibly rich in flavour, meaning that they often contain very hearty ingredients, like meat and vegetables. You’ll also find that many of these dishes are quite heavy, meaning that it is important to eat them with a side of vegetables to stay healthy.


Chinese cuisine is truly some of the most unique and flavorful food on the planet, and it’s something that you can find only in real authentic Chinese restaurants.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and it’s no wonder why. It’s known for being flavourful, healthy, and delicious. If you’ve ever wanted to try authentic Chinese food but don’t know where to start, this article is for you. The best way to get started with Chinese food is to order a dish that’s a stir-fry. This is a common type of Chinese food that’s made with fresh ingredients. From there, you can try other authentic Chinese foods, like noodles and Chinese donuts.